-Justin Nozuka

"She loves him more, he loves her more
Seems like they aint ever gonna let each other go
Laughing and kissin'

It's a match made in heaven
Behind the rings on their fingers
Imprints the ink deep in the inner
That has stained their souls together now
Stained 'soul mates' forever now

Seems like they've made it to the other side
Where the grass is greener and the sky is always blue
And it goes on forever and ever
But there is only room for two
Deep at night
I'm awakened from my dreams
Next door yelling, cries, 'Mercy'
she is begging please
'Don't end my life you're all I need'

And darling I will never leave, never leave
And then she prayed on her knees
She said

Save him, save him from the hand that he beats me on"


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